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Discover How to Help Your Child Cope With Bullying

Bullying is a form of verbal and non-verbal expression of violence.

It is often a habitual and repeated behavior in which some form of power is being exercised over a person.

It is most commonly a problem that presents in the early years of preschool children.


Coping with, and even more importantly preventing bullying is an issue that needs be addressed by both the school and the parents of the child being bullied. For parents it is of the utmost importance to spot that their child is being bullied as soon as possible, so as to take measures against it.

Very often, the fact that a child is being bullied is hidden from the parents, which is why they don’t feel the need to react to it. Early detection and reaction are the key to resolving the issue and a happier childhood for your children.

When parents spot that their child is being bullied, what they need to do is the following:

Surround your child with as much love and support in the comfort of your home;

- Let your child be aware that it is not his fault that the situation has turned this way;

- Talk to your children, but also listen, they might have ideas as to how to cope/deal with the situation;


- Ignore the bully, and move on – remove yourself from the situation;

- Tell the bully to stop – stand up for yourself;

- Avoid high-risk situations – do not frequent places that might draw attention to bullies;

- Stay around positive people – this way you’ll have protection of some sort;

- Try to understand what triggers the violent behavior in order to lower the risk.

Parents very often Make Mistakes while raising up children.

Parents must always step in when their children are being bullied. They should talk to their children about the different ways of dealing with this kind of behavior, but also teach them some skills to handle the situation. The skills you teach your child, like the ones above are going to be a helpful weapon against future negative social behavior.

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